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Archived 23/2/17

4 September 2016





Archived 4/4/15

Preston Indoor Club Finals 28-30 March 2014



Championship Winner T Fenton Runner-Up: A Smalldridge



Pairs Winners  D Woosnam, R Taylor R-Up R Gibbs, G Green



Mutual Triples Winners  S Jones, R Taylor, P Morgan R-Up C Jeffery, T Dade, T Fenton


Drawn Triples Winners A Miller, R Squire, B Allen; R-Up J Vickers, J Wilcox, R Tomlin



Handicap Singles Winner T Fenton R-Up  R Taylor



 Hmmmmm ...



Championship Winner V Aldridge,  Runner-Up  H Irvine



Mutual Fours Winners V Michael, H Wells, L Taylor, K Green R-Up C Hartley, P Murdoch, C Thomas, M Smith



Mutual Pairs Winners  V Aldridge, P. Pearce  R-Up L Taylor, K Green



Mixed Pairs Winners  L Taylor, R Taylor  R-Up  C Joel, D Welsh



Molly Browning Winner A Yerby, R-Up P Jeffery



Sybil Miller Fours Winners P Avard, H Clift, V Bailey, R Weller  R-Up C Hartley, M North, H Irvine, S Moore



Triples Winners V Aldridge, B Hilton, R Weller  R-Up S  Powell H Clift, H Irvine



2-Wood Triples Winners  J Waller, H Irvine, R Weller;  R-Up  C Hartley, S Powell, S Moore

Captain Maureen Smith with the Finalists



2014 - End of season Honours:

Sussex County Unbadged Triples Champions

Pauline Jeffery, Skip Kathy Green, President Jill Pendrill, Veronica Michael


Preston Club Men's League Cup

Winners:  The Dolphins


Runners-Up:  The Hollys


Archived 30/30/15

Another successful afternoon of fun bowling was held on Wednesday 11 February.  Generously sponsored by the firm of Jonathan Fogden, 14 teams were invited to bowl in an unusual format:  3 sets of 6 ends with the first three bowls around the jack, counting.  A free buffet was provided after the presentation of prizes.  Run almost entirely by Resident Ron, his team also won first prize.  ... hmmm, remind me to have a look again at the score cards!





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Archived 19/3/15

On New Year's Day a Fun Day in fancy dress was organised and run by Resident Ron.  14 rinks of 2-wood triples split into 2 sections. 

Bleary-eyed but still competitive, bowlers turned up higgledy-piggledy and quite amazingly some order was achieved.  16 ends were played interspersed with target bowling at and around bottles, and then switching to tennis-sized junior bowls. 

Much laughter, much fun, players were fined for saying inappropriate words.  Funds were raised for specific purposes.  The bar and restaurant contributed to the general merriment and goodwill to all men (and women) as did the free raffle.

Prizes were for the winning team after some tortuous play, and for the best fancy dress outfit.  Scroll right down for videos.













 Have a look at our veritable tournament organiser.





Archived 14/04/14




 Reece Irvine aged 9, with his Top Award gained at the Newhaven Junior Summer Club

 Join Reece and other juniors at Preston Bowls Club

Annual Junior Membership £10

Junior Sessions on Mondays from 5pm – 7.30pm

Coaching available – Bowls can be provided

Wear flat-soled shoes


The Three Musketeers –  Jonathan (18) Harry (15) Reece (9)

Going for Commonwealth Gold?



If anyone wishes to join either the senior or junior bowls sessions or, to request for more information about bowls, please leave a message below



Archived 13/03/14

Many thanks to Geoff Clack and Sheila Moore for organising these Club Finals.




















 Photos by Jim Warne and Cynthia Joel














Finals Day of the Outdoor Club - Sunday 2nd September 2012.





 Winner:  Trevor Vine                                              Runner-Up: Andy Smalldridge


 Winners:  Tony Dade & (Steve Jones);  Runners-Up: (Andy Smalldridge & Darren Anderson)



 Winner:  Derek Conley                                               Runner-Up: Phil Goodwin




 Winner:  Geoff Clack                                                                             Runner-Up:  Doug Reed




  Winner:  Andy Smalldridge                                      Runner-Up:  Phil Goodwin


Never Won: 


 Winner:  Clive Jeffery (centre);  Runner-Up (Jimmy Smith)                                            Rinks Manager - Christine Clack



Brenda Bailey & Geoff Clack





 Winner:  Betty Humphrey                                                                     Runner-Up:  Val Aldridge


Mutual Pairs:


 Winners:  Val Aldridge & Betty Humphrey                                                  Runners-Up:  Betty Durrant & Sheila Niner


Drawn Pairs:


                    Winners:  Sheila Moore & Kay Holder                        Runners-Up:  Maureen Smith & (Wendy Ward) 


Roving Jack:


 Winner:  Betty Humphrey                                                                 Runner-Up:  Maureen Smith


Two Wood:


Winner:  Val Aldridge                                            Runner-Up:  Phyl Manser


Mixed Pairs:


 Winners:  Ray Picket & Ann Collins                                              Runners-Up:  Sheila Niner & Tony Dade

Pictures by Jim Warne, Cynthia Joel

Programme for the day


 Thanks to Geoff Clack for the programme


Indoor Club Finals Results - April 2012

For results of earlier years, please scroll down.













These Galleries show pictures of competitors who presented themselves to be photographed.  In the event, not all finalists came forward.

Archived 9/3/14

Geoff Clack organised Bowls Week.  Enquiries if any, should be directed to him at the Club's facilities.

Pictures of finalists below.  To view a slideshow on events during the week, click on arrow in the centre of the video.  Click on right side bottom to view on full screen.

Finals Results:












 Photos contributed by Jim Warne, Tom Bailey, and CJ

Archived 16/1/14

The New Year's Fun Day was a success with 50+ people turning up.  Mike Lynch-Brown kept the bar open from 10.30 until 4.20 when the last of us left.

I think the Club benefited to the tune of £200+. Everyone enjoyed themselves and I think it might become a feature on the fixture list next year.

Resident Ron




Archived on 14/1113

 Preston in Paphos, Cyprus - November 2012 











Preston members again thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Paphos on the western coast of Cyprus.  As well as finding warmth, they found they were quite challenged playing bowls against local Clubs.  See below for 4 videos.



Click on arrows to view each of the 4 videos.  Click on right hand bottom box to view on larger screen.  To exit, usually press Esc on your computer.


The teams before the match against Coral Bay Bowling Club in Paphos, Cyprus
 8th November 2011 (CJ)



Archived on 8 September 2013

20 April 2013



Football League Champions 


Jameson Cup


  Photographs by Ron Tomlin


 The Football League season finished last night with an excellent win for Chelsea.  The runner up by only one point less was Wolves.  Well done to both teams.  The presentation of the Shield and small cash prizes will be made on 17th April. For the next four weeks we will compete for the Jameson cup.  The playing order is on the board.  The final will be on 17th April when this cup will also be presented.    After the final of the Jameson cup and the presentations we will have a take-away, which will include Chinese, Indian, Fish and Chips and Pizza. 

I hope everybody will come along, it has always been a great night.

Gill Greenwood.


 Football Scores 





New triples league for October.  For further information see Notice Board behind Rink 6,  or click on Preston Basketball, or on the button on left just below Football Results.


Archived on 28/7/2013

The Finals of the 2012 tournament took place on Saturday, 28th at 2pm.


Singles Winners


G. Clack                                                                        S. Coleshill 



T. Dade                                                                         S. Niner  

Mens Pairs

Winners                                                                           Runners-Up   


Pairs: S. Edwards (sub G. Clack) & D. Wigdor      R. Tomlin & A. Michael (sub for T. Vine) 

Ladies Pairs

Winners                                                                        Runners-Up


 I. Booker & G. Symons                                             A. Yerby & M. Smith 

Mens Triples

Winners                                                                       Runners-Up


J. Fairhall (sub T.Dade), P Meyrick, C.Jeffrey                 D. Niner, M. Lucas, I. Blake


Ladies Triples

Winners                                         Runners-Up


             W. Ward, V. Bailey, S. Matthars               P. Manser, A. Owen, R. Hambrook (sub A. Collins)


To view some of the play during the week, click on arrow to start video, and on right hand box of video to view full screen 





 2011 Winners


Photos by Tom Bailey








Archived 8th July 2013

Preston Ladies reached the 3rd round of the Top Club competition but lost to Southwater BC on Saturday 8 June.  The teams were tied on 2 wins each, but Southwater achieved more points on aggregate.



Archived on 10th June 2013

Preston's ladies' team were victorious over Maltravers BC, Littlehampton in the Sussex County Top Club competition on Saturday, 25 May.  Val Aldridge played and won the Singles;  Rita Hambrook and Mo Cameron played the Pairs;  Sheila Moore skipped the Triples;  Betty Humphrey skipped and won the Fours.  Well done Preston.  Good luck in the next round.




Pictures by Tom Bailey.


INDOOR NEWS - April 2013

Sussex County Honours and Accolades


Photos by Rob Taylor - 22nd April 2013


 Photo by Ron Tomlin




Photo by Ron Tomlin






Photo by Ron Ron Tomlin


Photo contributed by V. Fawbert



Archived on 27 April, 2013

Click on arrow to view.  Click on lower right box to enlarge to full screen.

The 2012 Jame

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